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Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol (VG/PG) Explained

One of the most common questions asked is “What is VG/PG exactly?” While the answer typically is that VG is for cloud or vapor production and PG is for flavor, let's break it down further


While VG does indeed provide for more vapor production, it also provides a more mild inhale. VG is a lot thicker than PG meaning it will take more power to vaporize, leading to more vapor output. It would be suggested that you go for Sub Ohm coils which are less than 1.0ohms as the lower you go in resistance the more power is needed. Generally e-liquids with 70% VG or higher tend to be classified as a “ high VG e-liquid.” The higher you go in VG however you may notice a drop in flavor. The reasoning being that PG carries the flavor.


PG’s primary function is to carry flavor. As mentioned previously PG is thinner than VG which allows flavors to mix better allowing for the complex flavors we now know and enjoy. Another factor of PG is that this is where you may experience a strong throat hit if the PG percentage is on the higher scale (50/50 blends). If you are looking to have a throat hit similar to that of a cigarette you may look into e-liquids with higher PG blends. Due to PG being on the thinner side it will require less heat to vaporize. So if you go with an e-liquid with higher PG blends you may look into pod devices or coils that are 1.0 ohms or higher since higher resistances require less power.

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